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    Default How does one do a chargeback?

    With the amount of high-dollar chargebacks I have been seeing in my affiliate account anymore, it seems that anyone who loses can simply do a chargeback and get all their losses wiped--sucks!

    Anyway, it seems certain properties are more prone to showing me chargebacks in my aff accounts than others (especially when I am expecting a big aff check) and something doesn't seem right so I need to test just HOW easy it is to do a chargeback at the various programs.

    For ex: I will purposely have a small loss at programs A,B,C,D and attempt chargebacks at each of these. Lets say then, that at program C it is almost impossible for me to do a chargeback there--even for a small amount. Then I will have some ammunintion if Program C just happens to be one of the programs where thousands of dollars are credited to chargebacks every month and removed from my aff commissions..I will see that its not so easy to do even a small chargeback at Program C and call them on it.

    So--2 questions:
    1) How does one do a chargeback?
    2) Have any of you tried this method of testing your casinos' chargeback claims?


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    You should be very cautious even to test this method, I would strongly advise you not to do it. The casinos have started to cooperate on the people that do chargebacks and I welcome it, they are 99% fraudsters.
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    Chargebacks dont have anything to do with the casino. Typically, it happens when a player tells their credit card company there was an unauthorized transaction.

    If you dont trust the affiliate program to that extent, why dont you just take your business elsewhere?
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    It's not a good idea to start doing chargebacks because if you tell your bank there unauthorized transactions when enfact there not then your commiting fraud. When you request a chargeback the bank will usually send you a legal document to sign to state that there unauthorized transactions and were not done by you.
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