Hey guys, long time lurker and affiliate.

I've been doing performance marketing and operate many affiliate websites in different niches for the past decade.
When starting our iGaming journey, I never thoughts that handeling different languages, geo's affiliate programs will be such a drag.

As of now my main website is a casino portal with 11 languages on it (done by upwork writers). Aiming to rank for major keywords as we typically have done on different markets.

To the point, the site is getting scattered traffic from many different countries, and it's very hard for us to keep with trying to capture traffic, updating content, doing relevant casino seo, connecting the right casinos to those countries and much more. Site is about 3 years old, and have some other smaller ones as well.

It's much harder than driving traffic to an international offer in the VPN space as an example.

Did you ever manage to do a successful JV with someone online, to get into the iGaming space as a starter?

Happy to write here, still have not had a post approved so I'm hoping this is the one