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    Default I haven't got one of these in a while

    From Wed Dec 03 17:40:54 2003
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is MR JAN VONDEL, a legal practitioner resident in Brussels Belgium, and I am a foreign solicitor to COL. EEDY KAPEND who was the army spokesman and special aide to the late PRESIDENT LUARENT KABILA of the democratic Republic of Congo 1997-2001.

    I am contacting you in benevolent spirit; utmost confidence and trust to enable us provide a solution to a money transfer of US$42M( Forty Two Million Dollars) that is presently putting my client (Col. Eddy Kapend) and his family into great disarray. You may be quite surprised at my sudden contact to you but do not despair. I got your contact from a business website on the Internet. So, I am contacting you due to the urgency required for us to immediately transfer the said funds from Cotonou, Republic of Benin where the funds are currently kept in a vault in a private security COMPANY.

    When PRESIDENT LAURENT KABILA came to Power May 1997 following a rebellion against former dictator MOBUTU SESE SEKO, he recovered millions of dollars from Mobutu Sese Seko, which nobody knew of except Col. Eddy kapend who was a special aide to him. Out of the money, he left US$140M in the Apex bank of Congo escrow account for further transfer into a foreign account and the sum of US$42M (Forty Two million Dollars) was secretly lodged in private security vault in Cotonou. He did not disclose to them the content of the boxes. To the security outfit, they believe he has TREASURY BILLS AND BEARER BONDS, this does not call for any alarm, as there is no possible way they could find out and more so, because he used PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (PIN) for the lodging, therefore, it is 100% risk free and the Security Firm also issued him with a Certificate of deposit of the consignments. Note that I have all these information in my custody.

    The US$140M has been investigated by the investigating agency from the Apex bank of Congo escrow account under the present administration of Kabila’s son, but was unable to discover the later, which he kept in the vaults. This is because he used (PIN) to lodge in the funds instead of his name and thus is not traceable.

    The only person who has the information about the funds is Col. Eddy Kapend who was special aide to President Kabila and he is presently put in detention by the current President of Congo for alleged involvement in the killing of Late Laurent Kabila. Now that COL. EDDY KAPEND and his solicitor and close associates are in detention, I believe I owe his entire family, to make sure they have good life, because from all indications, Eddy Kapend might remain in jail for the rest of his life or be assassinated and all he has acquired will be confiscated and the immediate arrangement to move the funds into a safe foreign account for investments.

    With the present situation, I cannot lay claims; it is based on this that I am making this contact with you. I have done a thorough home work and fine tuned the best way to create you as the bona fide beneficiary to enable you lay claims once the funds is transferred. Be rest assured that the modalities I have resolved to finalize this project guarantees our safety and the successful transfer of the funds. So you will be absolutely right when you say that the project is risk free and viable. If you accept and are willing to assist me, please contact me at once through my email address as specified in my email to you as above.

    I am presently undercover and I will be traveling to Cotonou to monitor the process transferring the funds as quickly as possible. As a solicitor I will effect the legal changes from the first party (Col. Eddy Kapend) who actually lodged the funds to your name as the beneficiary. Upon receipt of a positive response from you, I shall commence work on the change of beneficiary name and I will give you more details on the procedure we shall follow. For your assistance, we are ready to give you 20% of the total funds after transfer and invest a reasonable percentage into any viable business you may suggest.

    Please, I need your assistance to make this happen. I depend on you for this to happen. It will be a source of upliftment to you. You have absolutely nothing to lose in assisting us instead; you have so much to gain here on earth and in heaven.

    Awaiting your urgent and positive response.

    Best regards,


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    I still get those everyday - just not from that guy. :LOL:

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