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    Default iaffiliates - allowing spammers

    Obviously this will go ignored by GPWA as they pay to be on here and we could never upset that (although GPWA pretend they are on the webmasters side lol pmsl rotfl)

    Been getting **** loads of spam recently from iaffiliates casinos in the form of mailers from their affiliates. Usually ignore it but enough is enough, get 3 emails in one day promoting I have never ask for this crap btw. Decided to report it to them, after sending them all to david someone and guy zelig. no replies so got on to guy on skype. after pissing me about talking rubbish i finally got the mails to him. Responce - I'll ask the affiliate to remove you. WTF, how is that sorting spammers? they need deleting, banning and earning withheld. I mention this then -

    "Look A**** it is important for me to make this clear to you- I don't know what you expect me to do with these affiliates. I cannot controll what mailers they send out and in what frequency. I am doing all I can on my side to make sure you will not get any more spam emails but I cannot force anyone to stop sending mailers"

    so basically we will happily work with spammers who use unethical methods. Don't forget the hackers they worked with for so long (which gpwa again did sod all about and let them stay on here because they pay)

    I'll be removing their sites from all my sites now as I hate that attitude. I also urge gpwa to actually for once pull your fingers out your arses and maybe act on something for a change

    Oh I also urge others not to bother promoting people like this

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