I hope someone from Expekt Affiliates will read this.

I think Expekt has a very good affilaite program, and had no problems with them so far.

However, there are some limits in the reporting systems that are very annoying for affiliates like me who like to keep their own records month by month.

The "Customer Report" from the Ne Refer platform is not configured as it should. It doesn't offer all the information. It only shows "Revenue This Month" and "Total Revenue", but it doesn't show the most important thing: "net Revenue during the selected period".

When you run a report, you use some custom dates. Maybe you want to see what happened last month, not the current month. In the Expekt reports you can't see the Net Revenue of the players for a selcted period of time, which is very frustrating. I have to click on "See details" for any player, and sum up all their daily activity in order to get what I need. It works when you have 3-4 active players, but if they are more it gets impossible.

Adding the Deposits column would also be great. Having two columns "Net Revenue" and "Deposits" that show the revenue and the deposits for the selected period would make this affiliate program a great one.

I know it is not hard to make this, as many Net Refer affiliate programs have this options. The "net Revenue" options is available in all other Net Refers I work with (PKR, Paddy Power, Unibet, etc.).

I hope you will implement this things and make Expekt Affiliate even greater!