Hi all
I am not a great believer in simple link exchange. I think that if you have knowledge in some subject you should try to exploit thos to get links to your sites.
I have a genuine and deeply interest in SEO. I am not an expect, too many people proclaims themselves as expect in this subject. Truth is that nobody knows exactly why #1 is ranked over #2. Anyway, it is apparent that not all webmaster use time on SEO. Therefore if some of you out there are interested in a SEO review I could be interested in this in exchange for links to my own site.
Just to make things more clear:
I am not after a quick buck. So I will not proclaim to be something I am not. If your site have some issues that I am not sure of I will tell you this.
My motivations for this is both some links to my own site but also because I want to develop my own skills in SEO. I would actually only be interested in doing this assignment for pages with good content and a serious webmaster.

You can contact me by sending an internal message.