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    Default Internet Commission Warning

    Just got this email - if you're advertising any of these guys then you should seriously consider dropping them

    Good Morning Craig Miller,

    We have an urgent message for you and your friends and we also need your help.

    Gamblers Palace, Simple Net Bet and Skytower are all owned by same person. We reclassified these sites as Extreme Caution Urged about 6 months ago. Because of this action by us and the damage it has done to their business they have replicated our site under the URL of They added the hyphens to get around our URLs with the same name.

    When you go to their sites you will see a replication of our Accredited Logo. When you click on the logo it takes you to this fraudulent site, which is also a partial replication of our site. This is not only a violation of the copyright laws (our lawyers are working on it); it is also a flat out trick to lure you to their sites. And if that were not enough they have an extensive list of Extreme Caution Urged sites that are either false sites or competitors that they want to discredit. You can see this by clicking on the Directories page to see their list of alleged Extreme Caution Urged sites.

    This is a desperate and illegal move prior to the start of the heavy betting season that has additional real Extreme Caution Urged sites joining in. Please always check out a site with us, the real Internet Gaming Commission, before vesting any money. And, Craig Miller, tell your friends, post to newsgroups and forums the contents of this email. We appreciate your continued support and vigilance. Together we can insure that your gaming experience will be honest, exciting and pleasurable.

    Best regards,

    Jake Caldwater
    Internet Gaming Commission also .net and .org also .net and .org

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    Default fraud

    Thank you Craig!

    This is outrageous!

    I will post it on my site in the blacklisted casinos section!

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