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    Default Internet gambling study almost complete ... in Nevada

    While federal lawmakers are discussing whether a bill should be passed to allow a study of Internet gambling to commence, the state of Nevada is just about to release the results of a three-year study on the topic.

    The study, commissioned by the state Gaming Control Board, is expected to be released within weeks and is intended to inform lawmakers about the pros and cons of regulating a business that the U.S. government has declared to be mostly illegal.

    "This will be valuable information for policymakers," said board chairman Dennis Neilander.

    The Nevada Legislature in 2003 allowed regulators to study whether Internet gambling could be regulated.

    Las Vegas gaming attorney Tony Cabot, who has consulted for Internet operators, said the UNLV study may show there are enough gambling dollars going to offshore sites to warrant efforts by the state to tap that revenue.
    Besides, he said, state regulation is appropriate. "It's historically been the policy of the state of Nevada to regulate gaming so that we can protect patrons and make sure they get paid when they win," he said.
    It will be interesting to see what the results are. Ironically, Nevada will have the authority to regulate intrastate Internet gambling under the UIGEA (so only those physically in Nevada will be able to bet online), and given the recent talk by gaming executives who say they want to get into the business, don't be surprised to see Harrah's, MGM, etc., start lobbying Nevada legislators to put together regulation.

    Imagine checking into your casino's hotel room and having a free computer with free internet access so you can play online slots in your room? Don't rule it out ...

    And the results of this Nevada study may have a profound impact on the debate at the national level as well.

    Full story here ...
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