“I’ve seen the future of online sports betting,” a player recently said. “I bet online but settle up every Monday, locally, in cash.”

Yes, your local street bookie has a website, and all the odds and sports you can enjoy at any decent “offshore online sportsbook,” and can even offer live in-game betting, a full suite of casino games and live Texas Hold ‘Em.

The online betting services are provided by a firm such as PayPerHead.com, who manages the player’s entire online experience including the websites, the odds themselves, and all of the player’s data. This takes a huge load of work off the street agent—who then pays PayPerHead.com a small fee (as low as $5) “per head,” (that is, per active player), per week.

It may sound like a new twist but in fact has been a growing industry over the last 12 years. Now with players having more difficulties than ever depositing at their favourite offshore sportsbooks and poker rooms, these services for bookies have really started growing and ramping up their efforts—with PayPerHead.com aggressively leading the pack with very attractive pricing and a host of unique features, including live in game betting, mobile betting, “layoff” and “scalp” options and, of course, online poker.

Unlike sportsbook affiliate programs where revenue share is in terms of a player’s net loss, affiliates promoting PayPerHead.com and driving agents to the site to sign up and join the service will receive 20% of the agent’s weekly fees. “A big difference between a commission on fees versus a players losses is that player lifetimes are short and player values typically low. So you need tons of traffic to ake any real money,” Tommy Allen at PayPerHead.com explained. “But here, once an agent is in, they stay forever as moving your player’s from one website to another is a ton of work. So our affiliates see steady revenue all year long from the agents they refer. And they don’t have to refer many to see significant commissions—if you bring in one big agent, you could be making thousands per week.”

Very few 'per-head' shops are able to offer live betting with competitive odds and even fewer are able to have the liquidity to ensure that their players can always find a cash poker game at the level they prefer. PayPerHead.com delivers both of these hugely attractive products today. And PayPerHead is the first in the industry to open their doors to the affiliate world.

“We chose to work with Commission.bz for affiliates for PayPerHead.com because the team there understands our business and can communicate the benefits of it to the generally unexposed affiliate marketplace,” Tommy said. “We know Commission.bz guys know the online sports and poker market—and our prospects ARE online sports bettors and poker players. It’s really a perfect combination.”

Affiliates interested in cashing in on this unique marketing opportunity should contact Commission.bz by emailing support@commission.bz.

About PayPerHead.com

PayPerHead.com has been servicing agents for over fourteen years. Situated in Panama City, Panama, PayPerHead.com enjoys a host of advantages over their Costa Rican and Caribbean-based competitors who are often subject to infrastructure failures in those locations. Panama is the top banking center for the Western Hemisphere (with over 165 banks in Panama), all the essential utilities are backed up and redundant to assure the systems never go down.

PayPerHead.com has recently made the news with their new campaign featuring the Sporano's John "Johnny Sack" Sacramoni, played by Vince Curatola. The campaign leads with Vince asking "Five bucks head, that's what I wanna pay.." And the website, featuring video and voice overs by Vince, walks you through the product, the process and the competition.

For more information, see www.PayPerHead.com.