Super Poker Affiliates: Earn More Money Promoting the Hottest Online Poker Tools. As a Super Poker Affiliate, you can earn top dollar promoting some of the hottest selling poker tools on the web. We would like to invite all Affiliates, big and small, to join us today!

A little about the SPA Program:

Super Poker Affiliates is a little different than our traditional GPWA sponsors. Super Poker Affiliates targets affiliates that are interested in offering their poker software tools to their player’s in order to help improve their game. They offer a Hybrid CPA & Revenue Share incentive-based, tiered commission plan that allows you to combine sales from multiple campaigns and get paid more money for each one based on volume.

Affiliate Management:
Luca Antognetti - Industry veteran
Affiliate Program Manager
GPWA Member: SPA_AffiliateProgram
Native Languages: English, Italian

igning up or Additional Info:
To sign up, just fill out the Super Poker Affiliates registration form

Or, for additional information about the program, visit the

Luca Antognetti
SPA Affiliate Program Manager