Colossus Bets are kicking off some more World Cup pools this weekend with jackpots that are arguably tastier than Chiellini's shoulder! Check out all the details below and feel free to share with your players:

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Kick Off Pool
Sat 28 June at 17:00 Saturday’s ROLLOVER Pick 4 (kick off 17:00) is set to be our biggest Pick 4 rollover ever with an estimated £300,000 to be won & just 4 scores to predict!
Sat 28 June at 17:00 Saturday also sees the return of The £10,000,000 Colossus, featuring 7 of the round-of-16 World Cup knock out matches. The Colossus gets underway at 17:00
Sun 29 June at 17:00 The Netherlands kick off our £2,000,000 World Cup Pick 6 as they aim to reach their second successive World Cup final.
Sun 29 June at 17:00 Another ROLLOVER Pick 4 gets underway at 17:00 on Sunday. Already at over £95,000, the jackpot is set to reach more than £150,000!

Over the course of the World Cup, Colossus Bets have at least one new pool starting with every single match. There are bound to be plenty more colossal rollovers over the month so keep your eyes out!

Plundering the Pick 4

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The Pick 4 pools have proved especially lucrative for some punters so far, producing huge cash-in offers and huge payouts like the ones below from this week. Of course, big cash-ins and big wins for your players means big commission pay-outs for you!

Colossal Value

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So far in the World Cup, an incredible 72% of pool dividends have smashed the bookies for value! With huge guarantees and even bigger rollovers, this trend is only set to continue!

If you have any questions on the above, please let us know!