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    Talking Kyl unsuccessful!

    After a long diatribe by Jon Kyl about the mechanics of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was completed and entered into the record, he asked Gonzales to give a list of internet gambling company bank account numbers to the Treasury Department. Gonzales stated there were "operational issues" with turning over the information and that his team was ""trying to work through figure out if we even can do this".

    "It needs to occur quickly," stated Kyl.

    Kyl was unsuccessful in securing a commitment from Gonzales to turn the information over to the Treasury Department. This is a signal that the Arizona Senator is losing an uphill battle to garner support for enforcement of UIGEA.

    Lots more at the URL above.

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    a good article and an interesting read. i wonder if he is just trying to protect his ass. hopefully the gov. is considering the wto ruling since we are bringing our own issues up against china. if that is the case, we could see a shift in momentum.
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