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    Angry Ladbrokes Partners

    Hi Guys

    I wanted to tell you all what has happened to me, and my dealings with Ladbrokes Partners.

    I have promoted Ladbrokes for years on our website, twitter and facebook promotions, I have been getting registrations and depositors, in my Ladbrokes Partners back office it tells me how many clicks you get a day, registrations, Depositors - The Sporting Casino Net Revenue Columns are working fine - is plus and munus every day from players deposits wins and losses then comes my NET GAMING COMMISSION AND TOP LEVEL RENENUE columns permanently on 0 - How can this be? if people are playing and income is going in and out how can it be 0 everyday.

    I contacted the Manager and our Account Amnager they are investgating with IT.

    Any ideas what is happening here?, I dont want to presume the worst, that my commission is switched off in a dishonest way - my girlfriend is also a member of Ladbrokes Partners and her NET GAMING COMMISSION AND TOP LEVEL RENENUE works fine and is active and up and down everyday.

    Advices and Comments Welcome -

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    I have noticed with them that sometimes my account manager tells me I have new players and then they don't show for days and sometimes as you say there is no movement but in the end it always seems to correct itself. I have always found Ladbrokes to be trustworthy I just think their back end stats system is not very good to be polite but I don't think there is anything dodgy going on.

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    Basically the Mexos software is a pile of ****.

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