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    Default Ledger Data Breach

    Since this happened, I'm getting hammered with phishing spam, and now, today, the bogus sms spam has commenced. Today's sms: KYC - your ledge account is locked, until you provide ID proof.

    Not that I have much btc connected to my Nano but hearing that Ledger DB got hacked, and now my details are in the hands of the hacker(s), I don't feel very comfortable using Nano anymore, much less Ledger.

    What's the go with all this?
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    Why not use Trezor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by latrobet View Post
    Why not use Trezor?

    It is basically the same thing as Ledger, just it was hacked (not just database, but the wallet itself).

    I don't feel very comfortable using Nano anymore, much less Ledger
    The point in doing BTC transactions is not to feel comfortable, ever. There is no wallet where you can feel comfortable, it is like dry rain or something.

    You simply have to choose what is the smallest evil for you.

    If you have separate offline clean device - start with electrum or some other SW wallet. I suggest learn for long time before. But just if you know what exactly you are doing and you know all the potential problems with security.

    Or go to online wallet where you have no problems, just it will be hacked sooner or later.

    There are no other options than: HW/ SW/ online. You choose.

    About leaked database: any database will be leaked, that is how the world is. The more valuable the database is, the higher probability of the leak. HW wallets are always somehow bought, so there is always some identity in the database. And that identity will be doxxed.
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