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The Space Trek quest was prepared for someone who has ever dreamt about discovering the wild frontiers of our universe.
15 levels of spinning best slots from favorite providers, and ó just imagine ó the personal prize pool over 3 000 EUR for every player who will cope with all tasks in the quest.
To progress through levels in the galaxy, the player should collect points by increasing the sum of bets made. For finishing each level there is a guaranteed award. And the icing on the cake is that each player to complete the entire quest will be congratulated with the Grand prize.
The race on the Space Trek quest starts on March 1st and finishes on March 21st. Enjoy 3 weeks of galaxy adventures to the moon and back!
Now letís come down to earth and check the rules:

  1. The players are automatically enrolled in the Quest
  2. To complete each new level, it is required to collect points by increasing the sum of bets made. Only real money bets count
  3. All slots are eligible for participation
  4. 1 point equals 1 EUR
  5. The player gets guaranteed gifts for completing each level
  6. For finishing the last 15th level, you get over 3 000 EUR
  7. Each player who completes the entire quest will be awarded the Grand prize.

Houston, we have no problems ó take a seat on a spaceship to the Space Trek!