We have started a new Swedish online poker guide - Pokerklubben.org - useful
for both beginners and more experienced poker players. Nowhere else will
you get
more insight in how to play the three most common poker games; Texas Holdem,
Omaha and Seven-Card Stud poker. All information on the site is in Swedish.

Our goal is to make the Pokerklubben.org one of the best Swedish poker
sites online.
As a part of achieving that goal we now focus on exchanging links with other
interesting sites, such as yours. If you are interested in a link exchange
with Pokerklubben.org please send your link information including a
complete URL where
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When linking to us you can use the following information:

Titel: Omaha Poker

Url: www.pokerklubben.org

Description: - Pokerklubben.org is an Swedish online poker guide for both
beginners and more advanced players. Do visit the site often since we
are updating regularly.

Best regards

Wrong email address. This is from my contact page:
Please do not send link requests to the above address. They will be deleted. Please see our add link page here.
Nothing personal in the email. Nothing about having even looked at my site. This is from my add link page:
Do you have a quality gambling related website? If you would like to exchange links with us, add our link to your site and email us your URL, Title, and Description, along with the location of our link.

title: Easy Money Online Casinos
url: http://www.easymoneycasinos.com/
description: Online casinos categorized by software, pay out %, bonuses, purchase methods, etc. Full page casino reviews.

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