I currently own a sub-license to a great casino & sportsbook. It has only been up for a few months and with minimal marketing, thanks to it's theme is doing quite well considering it is so new. In August I had over 3K in deposits. I have over 100 players signed up and 25 affiliates. We get about 75 hits a day without any SEO.

Unfortunately the company that I have the sub-license through is scamming me. I am supposed to receive 75% commissions, but after fees and other garbage it's more like 10%.

I am looking for someone to truly partner 50/50 with me. I don't need any money from you to become a partner of mine. I don't even need to be a sub-license, in fact I'd probably rather be an affiliate. What I do need and most importantly is a new software solution. And not FB!! I am also looking for someone who has been in the industry for a while and has the resources to make this happen and perhaps can bring some new marketing ideas to the table. When I tell you about the URL and theme you WILL be excited and realize why this casino has so much potentiol if operated by the right people with the right software.

If you have any interest in this please email me at the following address