A friend and I are building an odds comparison site (oddsdog.com). So far we've got access to a couple of sample APIs and some freely available samples. I am working on adding more data to the site whilst my friend develops the site itself. As you can imagine we're looking to make progress on both fronts simultaneously. I've tried signing up to a couple of affiliate programs and have been either accepted and then ignored when requesting APIs or told that we can't be an affiliate until the site is completed and/or we have funded accounts - although I'm not sure how we're ever going to get to that stage without some more APIs in the first place.

Is anyone aware of any more bookmakers (apart from betclic, intertops, williamhill and betfred) that have freely available data, and if not can anyone recommend a good place to start on the affiliates? Any good experience with particular bookmakers in terms of getting access when you're starting out.

Thanks for any help with this! I'm not interested in buying any data!