Hi guys

a disclosure
I'm own an affiliate platform (not a program like Income Access) eco system.

as part of the eco system i want the affiliate to be able to easily information about the casinos and operators. for example:
- Affiliate Program: list of all brands
- Casino: Games, languages, currencies, countries
- All Games in the industry
- etc, etc..

until now i used a freelancer to build just a small piece of the database, not even 1% i think, so those are my options:
1. ask the affiliate account managers to fill in the data for their brands. I think they should have an interest in such database. myself for example, whenever new affiliate manager is contacting me for a position in my site I'm explaining that im only going to post them on internal pages like payment methods or a slot page. so if they want me to post them they need to send some info about the brand.

2. crawl this data from the casino. since we're talking on so casinos this option is not on the table

3. crawling data from 3rd parties such as word press plugins, large affiliate sites

4. API, my favorite options. if you know of someone that already build such database and has API that will be great.