I have recently done a little keyword research to revive one of my old affiliating sites. I used a keyword tool to find related keywords for a number of base keywords, which gave me a total of more than 100k gambling-related keywords.

I am willing to share the results. Most of you will have done their own keyword research, but it might still be interesting for some members here. It took some time to set this list up and format it, so I am going to ask for one permanent backlink from you in return.

base keywords - related keywords found
online gambling - 11,150 keywords
online casino - 24,200 keywords
online casino USA - 1,886 keywords
sports betting online - 10,768 keywords
poker online - 18,700 keywords
bingo online - 5,950 keywords
scratch cards online - 3348 keywords
blackjack online - 3,549 keywords
roulette online - 3,780 keywords
slots/slotmachines online - 11,530 keywords
bet soccer online - 7,236 keywords
football/NFL bet online - 3,916 keywords
basketball/NBA bet online - 4,611 keywords
baseball/MLB bet online - 778 keywords

Keywords range from high volume down to long-tail keywords with traffic lower than 10.
Per each keyword, you get the following metrics: Search Volume, Relevance, Competition, Difficulty.
The list is in an Excel file with one tab per base topic, with filter functions already set for your convenience.
Email me if interested at aff (at) poker-werbung.de