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    Default Looking to start a second website


    I've been registered here for a little while now, found lots of useful things, got in touch with a number of people and generally learned a great deal about being an affiliate.
    To this point I have had one site and it was built using wix. I know, that it is suitable only for butchers, candlestick makers and so on... And I learned that already too late - nevertheless it is still getting visitors and is making a profit, roughly the amount I was initially aiming for. So despite all it's obvious flaws it is not as bad as I thought it could be.

    Now i have an idea to start another website targeting a different region and I would like to use WP for this. I've read up on what was discussed here in the WP forum section, yet I would still like to start a separate thread to have some of these things discussed in more detail.

    At this stage I would mostly be interested in what themes can people recommend for sportsbook affiliates. I have seen a lot of people suggesting Poka theme. It looked to be a bit more suitable for casinos, but I guess you can make it work with sportsbooks as well?

    Also I've seen somebody suggest looking into however I am not entirely sure how well that would work for my purpose.

    In any case I would be happy if somebody could share their experience of finding the right theme, what to look for and what to avoid. And obviously actual theme recommendations if there are any.


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    Poka have theme for sportsbooks! As for me, it is one of the best solutions atm.

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    I am using both Poka and Dinomatic. Check out Dinomatics theme for sportbooks, called Akurai -
    Another way to go is to build your site with GeneratePress and use a table and review plugin.

    Good luck Paul!
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    You can look at jGambling theme. You can find it here at the forum.

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    casinoace theme by poka
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    Depends on what exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for a good front page UI with no functionality, are you looking for custom tailored phps in the area of casinos, sportsbooks etc, providing you with an easy backend and frontend for casino/sportsbook lists, reviews etc?

    Eleganthemes will give you just an alright visual theme, with 0 functionality with what we do. No custom affiliate links, no prebuild lists, no review templates with the gambling industry in mind.

    Any of the above listed would do, including but not limited to flytonic, poka etc. Which one you choose would be your personal choice. Plus most of these themes are cheap, you can even buy a whole pack and choose one.

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    I think you should look for a theme that has a good support page. Or can you do changes to the code by yourself if needed?

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    For $80 Mercury gives you pretty much all integrations you need for a sportsbooks/casino site. Listing home + casino review templates are very fast (dunno about the rest of the templates). Just had to pay a freelancer like $50 to get rid of a few strings and the speed score went up to 95+ on desktop and mobile in Google PageSpeed Insights. There are nulled versions you can test, just make sure to buy the theme if you're going to work with it. I srsly doubt there's a nulled theme without backdoors...

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