In this opportunity I thought you might be interested in telling your customers about the El Gordo de Navidad raffle. Next 22<sup>nd</sup> December this Christmas raffle draws lots for 2.320 million euros. There are 195 series and each pays a prize of 3 million euros and one of 1 million euros! And Wintrillions offers tickets for it!<o></o>

We have included a banner with this information in the Graphic Banners section (banner size: raffles) so that you can include it on your site. But you must hurry because the draw is in two weeks time!<o></o>

Take into account that we will let you know in the news section when we stop purchasing the tickets for this raffle, so that you take the banner away by then. <o></o>

This raffle sells out great! I suggest you include the banner right away!<o></o>