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    Default Luna Casino Affiliate payment issue (resolved)

    I have been cheated by Luna Casino affiliate program ( ) and by manager Lester Guevara.

    Maybe I'll start from beginning.
    I joined their affiliate program a few months ago.
    After registration in affiliate program spoke to me their manager Lester Guevara, jointly agreed deal and I began promoting LunaCasino.

    In month of April I wrote to Lester, for payment of earned commissions and received reply:

    "As I've said, the invoice for your commission has already been forwarded to finance. I will follow up with them again.

    My apologies if I have not been able to respond to you immediately. Things have been very busy here on our end.

    Btw, you will probably be receiving an email from our account soon. Due to changes in management as of April 1, 2014, we are terminating all affiliate marketing activities for

    Don't worry, I am making sure that your $600 will be paid asap.


    Lester Guevara
    Affiliate Marketing Manager"

    after 5 minutes I received another message from address

    "Due to changes in management as of April 1, 2014, we will be terminating all affiliate marketing activities for

    Please be advised that your account will be locked within the next few days.

    If you have any concerns, please contact us ( or the marketing management team that was in charge of the Luna Casino Affiliate program (

    The Affiliate Team"

    I was surprised that Lester closed my affiliate account. It's not encountered practice! but I gave faith that in this case it may be so.

    From that moment problems was started. I sent him at least 10 emails and received answer each time with a different excuse.
    -that the money will be paid soon
    -that invoices are going down
    and their answers was the same, round and round, week after week.

    In last email from him Lester starts to explain that this is not his fault because he do not work with them at moment.
    and give me email adress to contact : , but the most strange thing in this is
    that it is e-mail address that Lester himself uses. Also on page you can find LunaCasino as a partner.
    Now I know that it was just a ploy to avoid paying commission.

    Months go by and I still have not received earned commission. Now I do not think I ever will pay.
    But this what i also want to do is warn all of you about cooperation with Lester Guevara
    Is good to work with him but when the time at commision money transfer is coming than everything is changing really fast in a bad side
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    Problem was resolved, so it was NOT a scam.


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