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    Default Maximillian ******: Potential Issue

    In continuation with what's mentioned here:

    Former affiliate manager at Fair Play Partners Maximillian *** has now again committed some fraud....I saw a post on facebook where one of the guys he hired, he did not pay the salary to him. There was another guy in the thread who complained about the same. Also, I did talk to some brands they were promoting and the results have been dismal for them too. I am not sure if taking the names of those brands is the right thing to do. Oh yea, that ranting AM of his also did tell that Maximillian took some advertising fees from a client and spent on himself.

    I'd stay thousands of miles away from such crooks who give industry a bad name. I am not telling to not to do business with him, but if you come across him, just do your due research while dealing with him. Just my 0.02
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