Hello Mr Corfman in response to all the hysteria going on since the Bill was presented I would just like to say that I believe that this Bill even though signed will only put the online gaming industry in a talespin for a small period of time. I have already noticed that some of the bigger gaming companies have begun declining accepting players from the US. I believe that this trend will continue for the next couple of months probably until about February or March of 2007. I believe most of these companies are consulting with there lawyers and legal team and this is the legal advice that theyhave given them until they can pursue the necessary course of action. Come on Mr Coffman get serious!! do you think these online companies are just going to forget about the 40 % to 50% revenue that the US market generates and lie on their backs and do nothing. Likewise for these payment companies such as Neteller and Firepay as well. These guys are not just gonna say ahhh!! to heck with it and forget about the revenue being generated by doing business with these companies. I am resting assured that they will figure out a way to get around this and do business with the US market again. But I think it will take about 3-4 months before we see them doing business in the US again. This is just another hurdle that we in the online gaming industry have to overcome. A couple of months ago Antigua won a favourable ruling with the WTO over the US to continue runing its gaming operations. No one said that this battle would be easy. You of all people should know that the US government is very relentless in their pursuit of victory. We struck a huge blow a couple of months ago when the WTO ruled in our favour for Antigua & barbuda to continue online gaming so I guess now it is their turn to respond and we have to counter their response now. I truly believe that we will find a way around this in the near future. All this Bill will do is force US citizens to find other ways and means of gaming with these online casinos. There is just too much revenue that will be lost here to think that the gaming industry will fall. These guys will figure it out and order will be restored again. The US citizens will not stand for it as well even it it means they have to find some other means of gambling with these companies! I await your response