Most people know Montel Williams from his daytime talk show, Montel. Well, with that show's last episode airing last summer, Montel needed to find some way to get back into the spotlight. He began hawking President Obama coins on late night TV but that wasn't enough.

So where will he be next? Hosting a poker reality TV show of course. The International Team Poker League is the brainchild of Montel and he has devised a show that combines No Limit Texas Hold'em, one of his favorite games, with reality TV style segments about the players. According to PokerPages, Montel is hopeful his idea will be a success:

"I love poker - it's a game that has everything, played by kings and leaders and regular joes alike. It crosses boundaries and borders, now, thanks to technology and the internet, a global phenomenon that brings people of different ethnicities and origin together around the world. It is truly international, and the time is right for the International Team Poker League to take poker to a new level and a wider audience."
Satellite tournaments will begin in March in both land-based and online casinos and be televised from November this year.