i play every day around 8 to 10 Hours online in
GE/Play65 and partygammon
My Level of play is between Expert and Worldclass (Error rate in
average around 3 snowie).

GE/Play65 with their rate based rakeing system is too high. And the rake
system is not clear and not easy to find on thier websides.

Resolving unfinished games:
Play65: not good solution a lot of players just stop playing and trying to
lower their lose, when they see they dont have good chance to save the
gammon or the game. I personaly prefer Partygammon solution, the Player
who leaves lost. Its simple and clear.

Cash out:

Partygammon in cashout is just perfekt with neteller for example i
usually have the money in a few hours, very fast and i never had
problems with cashout, its simple perfekt.
GE/Play65: well i just can say very very slow. First you have 3 days for
the cancel possibilty then it takes again a few days until its
processed. In average it takes around 10 to 12 Days until you get your
I have read a lot of Articels here about problems with cashouts in GE. I
can not say anything, cause i always get my money so far.

Cheating/Rating manipulation:
In Partygammon it seems they dont do anything against it (bots).
In GE Play65 it looks like they do something but its not clear what,
cause the players which have been caught, dont know where their
confiscated money is going to.I actually believe Play65 give high luck to amator players.
Because site for the commission to make money ,amateur players must have a higher chance of

My Personal idea I cant trust play65 and play65 company
I've had problems in the past
If you are a winner,Play65 can blocke your account with unreal reasons
I hear this everytime
I dont know what can do this peoples