Buzzy is a big fan of blogger Nate Silver, who wrote for Baseball Prospectus for six years and established his own political Web site, He's considered a math and statistics wizard and was named one of The World's 100 Most Influential People by TIME Magazine.

Silver said he first became interested in politics in 2006, after the UIGEA got passed. Silver played online poker to supplement his income at the time. He says that without the UIGEA, there wouldn't be a FiveThirtyEight.

The UIGEA, intended as a way to bolster their family values credentials, didn't turn out so well for the Republicans. The bill's principal sponsor in the House, a very moderate Iowa Republican named Jim Leach, lost his seat after 30 years to an unknown political science professor, a Democrat named Dave Loebsack. I was one of thousands of poker players who gave money to Loebsack -- he was the first political candidate I'd ever donated to -- and considering that he won by only 6,000 votes in a race that wasn't even on many observer's radar screens, it may have been those extra funds that put him into the Congress. Meanwhile, the primary driver of the bill in the Senate, the then-majority leader Bill Frist, retired and has barely been heard from since, his Presidential aspirations dashed by the landslide losses that Republicans took all over the country that year.