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Thread: Need som tips

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    Default Need som tips

    I have a well running affiliates program with Partypoker. Most of traffick I got with offline markeding. I also want too start online marketing, but need some tips.

    I have made an simple website.
    I need some tips on layout and how too get good traffic too site.

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    1. Grow your content to 300 pages.
    2. Make sure each page has a different title
    3. Use Headings <h1> - <h5>
    4. Get 1000 backlinks min.
    5. Choose your home page title and content wisely.
    6. Always keep good SEO in mind while building your site.
    7. Become a member here, there is so much knowledge in this forum, you'll be a pro in no time.

    NOTE: It's hard work to build a good site and rank well on the search engines. This will take 6 months min if your good. Once you start making money though, it should last without too much additional work. It's truely residual income, because you keep your players for life with most programs.
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