Neosurf- The Simple and Secure Way to Pay Online

Every day, more and more people are choosing to pay online with Neosurf cash vouchers at popular
gaming and entertaining sites in a secure way. Online bettors might not want to use a credit or
debit card to pay to add funds into an account, instead they can simply drop into a sale point
available around the world and buy a Neosurf voucher with cash.

Neosurf generates a unique code per voucher, so people can make sure their personal information
will not be compromised. Itís a safer banking option overall, and itís welcomed on thousands of sites,
including entertainment services as well as online casinos. Users are invited to simple head to their
favorite website and choose to pay with Neosurf to enter a 10-character code - as easy as it gets.

Neosurf is a new payment tool that is bound to become instantly popular amongst your players
Thatís why Superior Casino, 24VIP Casino and 888Tiger Casino are featuring an exclusive
200% Bonus with 1st NeoSurf deposit with a no max amount cashout. We also have customized
landing pages that our affiliates can use on their sites, featuring our casinos as well as the Neosurf
banking option.

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Neosurf vouchers are available at thousands of stores in more than 50 countries around the world.
It is very popular in theUK, Australia, and as well as in many other countries in Africa and Europe.
Today, Neosurf cash vouchers can be found in many places: from convenience stores and supermarkets,
to gas stations and kiosks.

This easy to use method is also quickly becoming a favorite among online users, as it is accepted in
more than 20,000 websites. Users will always stay secure and safe in any website theyíre making a transaction,
including our own SuperiorShare casinos.

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