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    Thumbs up New developements for your players

    Hi there,

    Affiliate marketing is all about giving your players what they want and deserve to keep them coming back. With that said I thought that you guys would like to see what has recently been done for players.

    • Easy to use software

    Many sportsbooks claim to have the most user friendly interface, but without a doubt this is where Sports Interaction separates itself from the competition. Easy navigation, an intuitive bet selection process, and effortless bet execution are all hallmarks of our industry leading software. No compromises were made in making the betting experience simple enough for a beginner, while still retaining all the features and options that our most experienced bettors enjoy.

    • Vast betting options

    In the past year Sports Interaction has expanded its betting options exponentially. There are now more sports, leagues, and bet types for customers to choose from then anywhere else. Soccer alone has over 60 different leagues to bet on, and there are over 30 bets available on each and every NFL game. In addition to our most popular events such as NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC as well as NCAA basketball and football, customers will have no problem finding bets on current events, entertainment, cricket, snooker, rugby, Gaelic games and every niche sport in between!

    • Community features and betting tools

    Offering the widest variety of sports and leagues to bet on is a big part of Sports Interactions appeal, but it doesn’t stop there. Convenient and relevant information is available on each game to assist customers in making informed bets. Whether it’s comprehensive game previews and statistics or trends on what percent of customers are placing bets on each team, we have the tools customers want to help them place bets with confidence. One popular feature unique to Sports Interaction is the ability for customers to share opinions with other customers on the big game. Bettors are encouraged to “put their mouth where their money is” and post unique insights into why they think their team will win. Not only is there money to be made, but bragging rights are at stake too!

    • Live betting

    Sports Interaction has recently taken live betting to new levels with a brand new interface and commitment to offer the most exciting betting experience while the games are being played. Betting odds, scores, game details and other nifty effects are automatically updated on the screen in real time. There are over 10 different betting markets available while the games are in progress. Who will win? Which team will score next? Will the game go into overtime? These are just a sample of the exciting bets available every play of the game, until the final whistle!

    Best regards,
    Wayne Human

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    Default where is wayne?!?!

    Wayne where are you. Haven't seen you on MSN and no response to my emails????

    Anyone know where Wayne is?

    This could have something to do with the Microgaming USA situation......

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