Hey guys!

So, lately I have been looking into PHP and what I can do with it for IGaming affiliation, and this is the first project I came up with:


So basically, on the top widget in the sidebar, anyone can give tips on freespins campaigns by providing the following information:
- Which casino?
- Amount of free spins?
. Deposit required?
- Date?

For every tip that is provided, the information is stored in a database which I then use to display all the offers on the page.

Here are some features that I have already added:
- The form will only submit the tip to the server if all of the fields has valid values.
- Expired tips (tips where the date of the campaign is older than today) are automatically removed from the database and hence no longer promoted on the site, this check is done automatically.
- The tips displayed on the site are sorted by date, so the sooner the campaign is going live, the higher up it shows on the page.

Let me know what you think! Is this something interesting to have on an affiliate site? The thing is, the database is stored separately and I can access it from any site, so an example is that 50 sites can all display this information about the latest free spins offers, which makes it quite interesting for a casino player community, also, it would make it easy for affiliate managers, affiliates and players to keep everyone updated.

Some features im planning on including:
- remove duplicates, so if the freespin offer is basically the same, from the same brand on the same day and the same amount of free spins, then its going to be removed.
- having a thumbs up and thumbs down for each object, and then having this as a factor in the sorting as well.

Feel free to try the page, and add a random tip if you want to see how it works, all feedback is appreciated!