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    Thumbs up New GPWA Acquisitions on Facebook!

    After a brief hiatus recoving from the horrors of a hostile takeover we're at it again! But this time it's definitely friendly, and its definitely our most massive facebook "Friends for Sale!" coup yet.

    A few days ago we announced the GPWA Cocktail Party at the Casino Affiliate Convention in Amsterdam on facebook (click here to visit the GPWA Cocktail Party page on facebook and let us know if you can come). And as you might expect, quite a number of people have said they plan to attend.

    Well, we like these folks so we decided they should be known as our GPWA Party Guys and GPWA Party Gals! So we've bought each and every one of them on facebook! You can see a complete list of everyone we bought at the end of this message, along with the price we paid for each of them.

    Now we don't mind if folks that are members of the GPWA group on facebook buy them away from us. But if you do, you'd better not change the labels we've put on them. Because they are the GPWA Party Guys and Party Gals, and we want the world to know that (at least until the party is over).

    Of course there is a special place in our heart for Claire Leighton of and Greg Gomes of Wager Junction (the sponsors for the party). So Claire is our GPWA Cocktail Party Queen and Greg is our GPWA Cocktail Party King.

    We're really looking forward to the party and to saying hello to all of our pets in person there!

    GPWA Cocktail Party Gals
    Jodie Thind ($102,650)
    Cherylann Smith ($102,650)
    Liat Fuchs ($91,652)
    Krista Thiel ($58,246)
    Rebecca Liggero ($58,246)
    Christine M: bonustreak ($37,016)
    GamTrak Robin Kendrick ($18,754)
    Shenaz Shamji Bedi ($1,736)
    Erin Argue ($1,550)
    Justina Cruickshank ($786)
    Valerie Lea Ouhayoun ($786)
    Anna Kacedan ($702)
    Nicole Sims ($560)
    Caroline Holst ($560)
    Wendy Lager ($560)
    Aniko Legrady ($560)
    Julia Stead ($560)

    GPWA Cocktail Party Guys
    Alex Pratt ($144,216)
    Yoav JP Fischer ($46,433)
    Jose Singh Monteiro ($10,642)
    Cobus Ebersohn ($6,673)
    Rasmus Soejmark ($4,297)
    Richard Wanigasekera ($2,731)
    Gian Perroni ($2,438 )
    Jay Todd ($2,408 )
    Roman Humpelstetter ($2,147)
    Chris Taylor ($1,384)
    Nicolai Kostakis ($1,384)
    Les Zarebinski ($986)
    Jason Rosenberg ($880)
    George Voyatzis ($786)
    Martin Collins ($786)
    Lawrence Wilson ($786)
    Roy Hen ($702)
    Gary Szlatiner ($702)
    Henrik Granlund ($627)
    Sacha Levesque ($627)
    Benjamin Wewermann ($627)
    Cyril Esnault ($627)
    Martin Sack ($627)
    Teddy Menmuir ($560)
    Lasse Pilgaard ($560)
    Jeffrey Korman ($560)
    Ralfie Feldt ($560)
    Peter Theodoropoulos ($560)
    Adriaan Brink ($560)
    Carlos Fernandez ($560)
    Jesper Søgaard ($560)
    Simone Barazzuol ($560)
    John Wright ($560)
    Ben Lepow ($560)
    Geoffroy Dallennes ($560)
    Rajeev Ramanandi ($560)
    David Sack ($560)
    Peter Hanford ($560)
    James McBriar ($560)
    Karl Dukes ($560)
    Mark Larnyoh ($560)
    Gianluca Finazzi ($560)
    Ashley Adir ($560)
    Benjamin N ($560)
    Harun Sengel ($560)
    Giorgio Marrale ($560)
    Tom Galanis ($560)
    Cameron Boal ($560)
    Steve Cook ($560)
    Frank Tornatore ($560)
    Jasper Van Der Bliek ($560)

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    Seems like there will be plenty of males at this party

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