Hello all
continuing a series of threads with current casino promotions from King Solomons & Windows Casino, here is something interesting affiliates could promote in April.

The $10,00 Slots Tournament, running from April 13 until May 02. The marketing tools available include:

Landing pages in 6 languages
For Windows: http://www.windowscasino.com/slotrun/index.aspx
For KS: http://www.kingsolomons.com/slotrun/index.aspx

Banners: Available in the backend

HTML Templates in 6 languages: Available upon request

Unique new content: http://www.wagerjunction.com/Content...ournament.aspx

Let me know if you have questions or need more info regarding the above.

Also, in the Windows landing page you can also get a glimpse of the new Windows website that will go live very soon. It stands out from the other casino sites and we believe it will improve convertion. More updates to follow.

Best regards