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    Default New year decisions 2018 review

    It will soon be time for new year decisions 2019 so let's see check how's everyone doing regarding the promises fto self from Jan 1 this year.

    I'm doing well with mine. I make jokes all the time, but made a decision to retire one particular genre, ethnic jokes - told to people of that ethnicity. I guess they don't find the jokes that funny. Anyway I'm clean for 10 months now and almost feel like a grown up.

    How are you guys doing? Did you lose weight, stop smoking, start smoking, leave your spouse and buy a motorbike etc.?
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    I’m currently working on renovating my house and taking up some new hobbies and interests going into next year. I used to smoke, but I quit years ago and have never looked back since. When I was smoking, I started having trouble breathing and I developed a nasty cough. I only started smoking because I was going through a really difficult time in my life with family issues and this is what helped me to cope with my pain and suffering that I was struggling to deal with at the time. My other new year decision for 2019 is to try and buy a new car. I can’t afford one at the moment and cars are much more expensive these days than they were a few years ago. I can’t believe we’re not that far out from the new year.
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    2018 resolutions:

    1. Get fit: Failed !!
    2. Read more: Failed !!
    3. Watch less television: Failed !!
    4. Work less: Failed !!
    5. Eat less junk food: Failed !!
    6. Save more money: Failed !!

    My 2019 resolution is to stop making new year resolutions.

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    I only made one new year's resolution this year - to be happy at any cost.
    I've managed to succeed in it every single day this year. I think that is quite an achievement ♥
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