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    Good Morning Guys/Gals

    I am new to affiliate work and having found this forum and browsing for a few weeks I have decided to join you all !!

    This is my 1st venture into affiliate work and I have to say I am finding it enjoyable but having had a promising start and getting a few sign ups I seem to of stagnated of late.

    My website (shameless plug) has grown over the last few weeks and I keep adding new content but I have found my sign ups have slowed right down.

    I am learning everyday and stuff like backlinks and seo score is slowly storing in my brain although its all new to me

    I don't think the website is too bad and I am getting the views but they appear to be the same people returning.

    Is there any advice you can give me to increase traffic to my site or how to attract new sign ups ?

    I am also active on Facebook + More so on Twitter where I have built up a decent following.

    Cheers Guys

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    I had a look at your site the other day, but all my feedback was negative so I didn't reply right away.
    There is virtually no written content on your site, it is nearly all banner ads: etc.....
    From what I could tell you have only written two pages yourself. This is no good, you're going to have to start again.

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    Content is king. Another thing, I don't think Google reads Javascript but I'm no expert. Would you consider using a table with logos for the brands instead of all the banners and link to a review (an internal page) instead of sending the user directly to an external website? Good luck with everything!
    Kristal Camilleri Murison

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    You really need to tone down the banner usage - have a couple, but don't make them the main bulk of your page. Text with buttons convert way better anyway... And you need way more text on the pages - couple of them are only banners.

    I'd have a header made - the current one is a bit, erm, odd (not sure what the ballet shoe has to do with betting?).

    I would also sort your title tags out - currently your home page is just the URL. That's not going to help your SERPs or your SERP CTR. - Formally known as goodbonusguide.

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    I agree, that content is king. Just another couple of small suggestions, why doesn't your tips menu go the other way around. i.e. the newest ones at the top and have the oldest ones at the bottom? Also there are too many banners on the homepage. You could even replace the banners with some of your top 10 picks for example? If you are providing more tips on your social media, why don't you make that section bigger so people can view the tips more easily?
    Good luck!
    Edward Ihre / Claire Wellard / Katerina Milfaitova

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    Well facebook and twitter are always a good way to get initial traffic, have you decided what keywords you want to focus on? What niche your aiming for?

    You've got to make sure you don't disappear in a sea of competition. I've manage to get the site to a decent number of hits, but because of the unfocused traffic only a small % converts.

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