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    Default newbie questions

    newbie questions

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this forum and gambling portals.

    I have a few questions (well maybe more then a few) , and it will be great if anyone that has relevant (and hopefully tested) answers will chip in the throw his 2 cents

    Thanks in advance !

    Background info:

    I am building a casino information content site that is targeting SEO traffic.
    The site will feature 100+ (to begin) pages of ORIGINAL content on online casino information.

    In addition the site will have a blog, articles , news, additional content that will be added every 2-3 days.

    The content and text is ready from meta tags , H tags etc ).

    As far as routine SEO we will submit the content to relevant distribution channels (articles to articles directors, news to PR, blogs to social media etc)


    1. Hosting- I will be looking direct traffic to casinos that due accept US players. should i use a none US hosting.

    what and who do YOU recommend?

    Should I use dedicated to share hosting? (again want what is best for seo)


    What is considered SEO casino traffic?
    Wait.....before you start replying and explaining to me that this is not the correct question to ask, and i should ask this question instead :=-

    Let me explain what i want to understand-

    Using tools that can estimate sites daily traffic (unique visits) and give a decent result I tested this tool on sites i know that traffic and it was ok as far as numbers

    for example a site that is ranked (100,000 on alexa (I didn't use alexa, but using alexa as some kind of benchmark)

    Is getting around ~1000 visits a day) , I am sure EVERYONE here as examples of this not being the case, but in general can we agree that this is not completely far fetched.?

    My questions is a site with such traffic (and under the assumption that has average conversion (both to casinos and on the casino themselves) can expect to produce how many players (depositors )per month?

    Tens of players, Hundred of players more?

    If you need more clarification from me on any of my questions or blabbering
    Shout !!!

    Thanks in advance for the advice

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    Hi there Futures!

    Even if you would be able to answer your question "What is casino SEO traffic - that is "how many deposting players i could expect"....

    you could never answer this question for a site wich hasn't launched yet....
    wich i understand is the case...

    ps. Welcom to this forum...and read...and read...and read....

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    Let me shed a little light on elgoog's answer. The reason behind his answer is that conversion rates can vary radically from one site to another.

    What might be helpful is to point you to a poll on the GPWA website related to your question:

    In general, the polls forum has a lot of information on questions like this, so I highly recommend newbies looking through it.

    GPWA Executive Director, Casino City CEO, Friend to the Village Idiot

    Resources for Affiliates:,,

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