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    Default Nice Redesign

    I was actually at the site earlier and was thinking, as I have before, how much that layout could use some work. It never was appealing since it went up. Then a little while later I went back to check on something else and, lo and behold, a new design!

    I love that the monthly stats are displayed right there on the dashboard page, where they should be. I do, however, miss being able to login directly from the front page. But, it's still a major improvement over what was there. Good job!
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    Hi Shawn,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We took our time this time around with the site and learnt a very hard
    lesson when we rushed the launch of our previous version.

    There has been months of testing and Aurora has a lot to make up for and your
    comment regarding being able to log in from the front page has been taken
    into consideration and the guys will see what we can do about it.

    Another affiliate of ours commented on the fact that the dashboard doesn't
    state any 2nd tier values on it and we are now making the adjustments in
    order to accommodate that.

    So I can say that we do value everyone's participation, it adds value.

    Aurora is all about giving more back to our affiliates and I believe that we
    are on the right track this time around by taking things slow.

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