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    Default Number of keywords

    Hi guys I would like 2 no what is a good number of casino keywords for a search engine optimization. Is 300 keywords a good number?What about 1000?

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    If talking about SEO, then you cannot make your site good for hundreds of keywords. You focus on a few phrases, and if you did your job well, you get your phrases plus some by product from derivatives. e.g.

    Optimise for "best online casino blackjack"

    Also get "best online casino"
    Also get "online casino blackjack"

    And so on and so on.

    The best sites focus on a few choice keyword phrases. Some will try for the serious money keywords like "casino" but, because those are usually targetted by many others plus also a target of the scrapers, the copycats, and the big groups who can buy loads of inbound links, most of the realists go for a few good 2 and 3 word phrases
    Have a wonderful day

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