Hi everyone, i remember in 2006 before the UIGEA the market was estimated to be at the level of nearly 12 billion if I am not mistaken.

after the UIGEA, where nearly 6 bln was lost for a period of time, the market had seemed to crash

also i read at http://www.screendigest.com/reports/...more/view.html
UK market by itself is predicted to reach over 1.6 bln GBP in 2010 (nearly 3.2bln USD).

as it appears the market is evolving and being penetrated deeper into more and more

i've been trying to find the estimates of where we are at during the present minute but could not find much unfortunately

what are your thoughts, comments on this?

I am taking into account everything poker, casinos, betting, bingo, gaming

also what is your idea of the distribution of these gambling products and their share of the entire market?