Hey all

I posted this a while ago as a general thread in 'the chatter box' but I thought I would invite your input once more on our own section

Hopefully by now, most of you who work with us will have noticed many changes over the last 4 months, I certainly have. Affiliates who are actively working alongside me are on the whole, benefiting from the efforts I have been making to get this program where it belongs.<O</O

I want to know If anyone reading this who is already signed up to our program but doesn’t actively push us or work closely with us would like to get in touch and get things moving?<O</O

I am slowly but surely making my way through all affiliates, getting in touch, introducing myself and generally wanting to help. Some good responses have come my way and no responses at all have come my way. So I wanted to invite you guys to get in touch with me, tell me what you want from us to get pushing us again and I will get it done (if it isn’t already in my extensive pipeline