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    Unhappy Partnered together for 7 years, now Linesmaker won't pay me.

    You know,there are a lot of people here who could say I told you so and I guess I have it comming. I have been with Linesmaker (Partner Gaming) since 2005, back when Liz Peters was the affiliate manager. They were one of my top partners. Although they have been late at times, they always paid me, my last check was in December and that was for August. They owe me for three months and Steven, the aff manager wont even bother answering my emails.

    I'm sure I got the August check last month only to keep me promoting them untill Super Bowl. I really hate to write this post, because I always liked them; I suggested them to you guys/gals and I defended them when people slammed them.

    I can't even recall any one promoting them back in 2005. I found them through Sportingbet USA, another group that dumped me, but at least I got all that was due me.

    So now I am out a very nice size check and just as bad, maybe worse, I don't see myself promoting them anymore and I have had them on my site longer than any other partner.

    I have a feeling if Liz Peters was still around, instead of Steven, I would have at least gotten a reply to me emails. Steve is just not into it like Liz was.

    N E Way, I guess I'll just join the long list of people who do not suggest Linesmaker or Partner Gaming. I hated to write this, I really did. I held off a long time before outing them, in fact I jst checked my email one more time hoping there was some type of reply, but alas; Nada, Zilch, Zed, Nyentai, ZERO.
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