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Thread: Payment missing

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    Default Payment missing

    I've had successful payments with you and my details have not changed.
    The March commission payment is missing and I have reported it. One week ago I was told it would be sent to the finance department and I would hear back soon. It's been over a week and I was patient. I have not heard anything back.

    Can someone at Leo tell me where my payment is?

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    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for contacting us again.

    Your payment has bounced twice now. Our finance department is unsure why this is happening as it's strange that it has worked a few times before. We have contacted our bank at our end but please can you check with your bank also?

    Could Skrill / Neteller be an option for you?

    In future, please allow us at least 24hours to be able to reply to your email before alerting this forum.

    Please feel free to skype me (details on my email footnote) in future if you're experiencing an urgent issue regarding your payment.

    Thanks again for your patience Susan

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