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    Mojo I agree the post is completely inappropriate and an infraction has been issued for it.
    I am here to help if you have any issues with an affiliate program.
    Become involved in GPWA to truly make the association your own:
    Apply for Private Membership | Apply for the GPWA Seal | Partner with a GPWA Sponsor | Volunteer as a Moderator

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    Quote Originally Posted by APCW Anthony View Post
    Mojo I agree the post is completely inappropriate and an infraction has been issued for it.
    Thanks Anthony and glad you are here.

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    Goodness gracious, what vile behavior in this thread.

    At least two people need their mouth washed out with soap!

    I don't care who started it and who picked up the ball, this is no way to behave!

    I realize this happened late at night and perhaps alcohol was in play, but boy, don't get online when you are drunk!

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    Thumbs down This Has Become a joke.

    This thread is starting to become a joke. It looks more like a school play ground than a bunch of professional people all working in the same industry. I am supprised GPWA has let this continue.

    What I have noticed is, forums seem to do more damage than good to both Affiliates and Affiliate Managers.

    Come on people grow up, sort the issue and get on with it. Niether person is earning money while battling it out in this thread.

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    Default Neil leave me alone!

    I want to share this in public for those that don't have private access. I woke up to the following message from Neil on MSN just now and I'm not happy about it.


    BTW folks we have a snitch that reports back to folks that are discussed in this private area. Don't matter to me because anything I say in private would be said to his face so now you have some more stuff to pass on to the asshole! said (3:24 AM):
    Hello you
    I just wanted to say thanks for posting nice stuff about me on the thread that Greek39 is flouncing on. I cant access the thread as I am not an approved portal, but others have been sharing snippets with me
    Thats why I cant respond to it said (3:25 AM):
    But I just wanted to say Thanks - it means a lot. Greek and I clash every now and again, and he was pretty rude to me, but I shouldnt have been so rude to him - sometimes emotions just take over eh! said (3:26 AM):
    Anyway, best get on, and hope you are well, and that Greek realises that these things happen and it really isnt worth expending all that energy arguing with someone on the internet. I wouldnt want him to leave GPWA as I think he is passionate about what he does and offers a lot in his own way
    We're all different arent we said (3:27 AM):
    So - sorry Greek39. Dont take it personally.
    GamTrak - said (5:11 AM):
    well IMO you were just as rude to me and since you never bothered replying to my PM the last time YOU attacked me it's funny that you are contacting me know.
    I also blocked him on MSN because IMO this is harrassment as he attacked me in the GAU thread when they got in to it the last time and never bothered to reply to my PM asking why.

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    I just want it all to stop really - its getting out of hand. I have apologised to Greek and there is far to much negative energy being expended.

    I think as per the private forums - its always going to happen that if someone sees something that someone else would find interesting it will get out eventually. Thats just human nature.

    Anyway - I'm not sure what else I can do to pour oil on the water. Its probably time just to let this pass and move on.

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