It's been a month since we initially launched the Places I've Played application to help players share where they play with each other and to help webmaster's earn more affiliate revenue. We've been busy this past month, and so I'm pleased to announce version 1.1 of the application is now up and running on facebook.

This new version includes some important new features to enhance the benefits for webmasters as announced in the thread But we all know the application needs to be interesting and useful to players for them to use it, and so most of the focus in the new version has been in adding new features we think will make the application more useful to players.

The biggest new feature is a consolidated display of all of the places a player's friends have visited or recommend. In version 1.0 a player could see what each friend had to say, but just one friend at a time. Now you can see an overview of what all your friends have to say about all the places they've played in one place. And if you're friends have a place listed you've been, but just have not added yet, we've made it easy to add your own listing when looking at theirs.

New Version 1.1 Feature: Online Gaming Sites Where My Friends Have Played
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We've also added a lot of new things players can say about the places they've played. Before you could say whether a place was a favorite. Now you can also say whether you recommend or don't recommend a particular place. For online gaming sites you can now indicate if they paid you promptly in addition to whether you played for fun or played for money, won, lost, or won big. And for land-based casinos you can now indicate if you dined or saw a show or were comped at the property in addition to all of the previously available attributes like whether you stayed there.

Also new in version 1.1, for land-based properties you can now display a list of your properties and what you said about them in addition to using a map-based view of the properties.

Of course, while version 1.1 has a lot of new feature, we'll have even more new features in version 1.2 that we'll roll out over the next month. Top of the list is a news feed of new information from your friends about their gambling exploits. And we know we have to work to continue to improve the performance of the application. Let us know your thoughts for additional improvements.

To try out the "Places I've Played" application, just follow the link Try Out "Places I've Played."