The popular online-casino platform, SlotV, represented by PlayAttack Affiliates, is collaborating with Swedish influencers for their #ÄventyrMedSlotV challenge. The challenge dares people to share adventure stories that have happened to them with the Instagram community.

Some famous social media personalities in Sweden already started to share their most adventurous stories with subscribers on October 23rd. Follow SlotV Casino to discover why Marcus Mcuze doesn't like pigeons, how Sindy Niklasson participated in a turtle race, and what happened to Paulina Danielsson on her flight to Marbella last year. You can find all these stories using the #ÄventyrMedSlotV hashtag or by visiting SlotV's Instagram account.

Bear in mind that you can also share your personal adventures with the Instagram community — leave your story in the comments section under the influencers' videos using the hashtag mentioned above.

SlotV's team will select the best comments and post them on our casino's Instagram Stories.

Join the #ÄventyrMedSlotV challenge.