It seems that Bernard Madoff has scammed just about everyone he's ever come in contact with and probably anyone those people had come in contact with as well. So it was only a matter of time before it was found out that someone in the gambling industry got swindled.

Unfortunately, that "lucky" someone is Lyle Berman, a poker Hall of Famer and CEO of Lakes Gaming Inc.

As reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Berman, chairman and CEO of Lakes Gaming Inc., invested in two Madoff-controlled funds, but he wouldn't say how much he thinks he lost.

"I heard about Madoff 25 years ago from some friends in California and decided to give him a try," Berman said. "It worked out fine for quite a while."

While Berman has "zero hope" of recovering his money, he hopes to recoup the taxes he paid on gains from the funds. Because those gains were stolen, Berman said, they can be written off.