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    Default PokerNations Update (plus partner opportunity)

    Just an update that we've been open "officially" since around Sep 7th (i.e. a little over 1 and a half months) and we now have over 600 members on the network, including a number of poker professionals who've used our blogging feature and interacted with our members in the forum.

    In Sep we saw over 4K uniques and over 1 million page views. This month as of right now we've seen 3,961 uniques and we still have two weeks left in the month, so it's coming along very nicely.

    We're also working with some providers that wish to put up giveaways comparable to our 2010 PokerNations Vegas Experience package, so we expect to have some amazing promotions to further drive visitors to the network and convert them into active members.

    At this time we have the capability to accept an additional investing partner (min $xx,xxx) into the company. This partner can be silent, or have a sweat equity involvement in addition to financial investment.

    Preferably a partner providing sweat equity would be versed in Sales & Marketing in the online media market.

    Please contact me via PM to discuss further.
    Name: Anthony Martino
    Position: President
    Company: PokerNations LLC

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    I was glad to be part of this community and I'm merely a member for almost 2 months. I just learned new poker strategies on most poker pros via their blog including those kind members that shares certain stories pertaining their real game experiences.

    Hope new interesting features will be added soon...

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