One month into intestate play with New Jersey and PokerStars Michigan is recording record traffic numbers.

From PlayUSA:

Whereas weeknight PokerStars traffic peaked at around 900 users before interstate play, the platform is now seeing more than double that, according toPlayMichigan.

Additionally, the traffic spike pushes PokerStars even further ahead of its in-state competitors,

Interstate poker play is a way for poker players in different states to sit down and the same table and play against each other. Typically, states that offer online poker only allow players within their borders to play online poker.

That model falls in line with other types of gambling like sports betting. However, it limits player pools, which means tournaments may not offer as big a prize pool. Also, the number of cash games tends to be smaller.

Knowing that New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware created the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA). This agreement allowed the three states to share online poker player pools.

Michigan wanted in on the interstate action. And, after around a year of negotiations, the MSIGA announced last year Michigan would join its ranks.

In December, PokerStars said the merging of player pools from New Jersey and Michigan would happen soon. The merge went live in January. The results have been astounding.
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