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    Default Programs Suspending Deals

    Just love it when you work hard to deliver players and doing well with a program then you get messages:

    "I need to stop the deal for a while ..."

    "At this point loosing too much money. Gap is too big and we need to recover"

    Great when affiliates live up to the deal to deliver players then get their deals suspended. Too bad .... now no players will be referred until deal reinstated.

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    I can understand how it's frustrating to have to swap them out for another operator etc.

    However - being realistic about this, if an operator isn't seeing ROI off the keyword traffic supplied by the affiliate (Regardless of whether that's due to the affiliates traffic or the value extraction of the operator) then of course they will kill the deal!

    I'm all for us calling a spade a spade in the affiliate world but with so many rogue operators out there - surely we can actually be sensible about the ones who are just working to normal business logic rather than tarring them too?

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